Outlaw Dirty Money 2020

Petition Checkout Procedure

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The success of our entire campaign is based on our tracking process.

In order to have that data and to be able to make decisions off of it, we have a streamlined tracking process. Please read and follow all of these instructions! This is the most important process of our entire campaign.

Tracking and Checkout

  1. If you are checking out petitions to circulate yourself, a trained staffer or volunteer will walk you through these steps.
  2. Each petition has a code in the top left corner.
  3. When checking out petitions, note the alpha-numeric code exactly as written. Check each of your petitions — they may be in an ordered range or they may not!
  4. On either (1) a sign-in sheet or (2) the online form denote which petitions you are signing out.
  5. Please fill out all of the fields — they all have their own unique importance!

Sheet vs. Online Form

There are two options to sign out a petition — a paper sign-in sheet and an online form. The online form is always the final step. If a sign-in sheet is used, it must be data entered to the form at a later time. Examples of the two are on the next page.

Secondary Checkout

If you’ve been given petitions and you intend to give them to others to circulate, you must follow this same procedure to accomplish a secondary checkout. It is of most use to the campaign to know who is actually circulating the petitions — not the intermediary!

All materials will be available on our website, by emailing info@outlawdirtymoney.com, by calling ODM HQ at 602-633-5146, or by speaking to your local ODM staffer. Please reach out with any questions!

Checkout Link: bit.ly/petitioncheckout

THANK YOU. This movement is powered by you — we will be successful because of the thousands of Arizonans who join our campaign.

EXAMPLES: Sign-out versus Online Form

  • The two documents capture the same information.
  • The online form is always the final step.
  • All fields are crucial for proper tracking.

If you checked out petitions and are giving them to another circulator, it is your responsibility to follow this process!

You’re not alone — if you have questions, please reach out and we would love to help you.